A R T I S T ' S    S K E T C H B O O K

   Sketches from recent trips to Europe and Mexico, and at home in Canada.
   Many of these will evolve into paintings or woodcuts.
   (This page will be updated shortly.)


Norman Port

Dinard in Brittany

On the Beach (Normandy)
oil painting)

Norman Church Interior

Norman Chateau
(painting coming soon)

Toronto Window
(see woodcut)


Swanage, U.K.


Beached Boats, U.K.
(see woodcut)

Shaftesbury, U.K.

Norfolk cliffs


Guadalajara Church Dome
(see woodcut)



Farmhouse Hall

Southern Ontario Farmhouse


Georgian Bay Beach

Gatineau River

Valognes Canal
(see oil painting




(see woodcut)